We offer the perfect balance between human touch and technology.

Hearing Evaluation.

Your hearing aid is programmed to your loss, which means your hearing aid is only as good as the results of your evaluation.

This is where at-home hearing tests just don’t cut it.

To accurately evaluate your level of hearing loss, a comprehensive hearing test is required. We perform a series of tests to help better understand the unique aspects of your hearing loss.

Hearing Aids.

Repairs on major brands.

Whether due to wear and tear or because of an accident, your hearing aids may require repairs. Bring them in. We make repairs on all major brands.


We carry hearing aid batteries and will gladly change them out for you. If you’re tired of handling the small batteries, we can also discuss rechargeable hearing aid options.

Custom ear impressions.

If you need customized hearing aids, we’ll take impressions to create the perfect fit.

In-home assistance.

Whether it’s evaluating your hearing with our mobile equipment, customizing or re-tuning your hearing aids or swapping out batteries, we don’t want your hearing health to go untreated.

Let us come to you!

Tinnitus Management.

Hearing loss and tinnitus are often connected conditions. If you struggle with tinnitus with or without hearing loss, we can help.

Depending on the severity of your tinnitus, we can discuss all the different built-in tinnitus support-enabled hearing aids available to you.


Did you also know that one small mistake in processing your claim can lead to you paying significantly more out of pocket then it should?

Well-meaning hearing clinics train their front office staff, with little to no experience in insurance billing, to handle their claims

At TrueTone, we work with Hearing Healthcare specific Insurance Specialists to make sure your claim is filed quickly and correctly. Often, resulting in less out-of-pocket for you.

0% Hearing Aid Financing.

If you have insurance, we’ll help determine if and how much they are willing to pay for hearing aids.

If you don’t have insurance and are unable to pay out-of-pocket, we can still help. We work with a financing company that offers no-interest financing for those who qualify.

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